Website document for the Kick-Off meeting.

The elaboration of the web page is a basic task for the dissemination of the project progress and the project results.
It has to be designed with the aim of being easy and pleasant to use in order to be considered as a comfortable tool for both general public and the actors involved in the project. So, the web page is made up of two different conceptual parts:

  • The first one is dedicated to the progress and results of the project with free access.

  • The second one comprises a private area with restricted access to documents and a document manager which allows us to handle the uploading, editing and versioning of files.

The first conceptual part will implement any of the next resources:

To accomplish this task, we will use a Web Content Manager (Liferay v.6.2), because it’s an open source and robust tool and it creates responsive and cross-platform web portals.